Analysen zu exklusiven Weinen aus Australien – Weinregionen und Winzer

Februar 28, 2009
von Michael Brecht
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Second biggest Australian wine group posts huge losses in half year results

The second largest wine producer Australian Vintage published a $128m first half loss last night. Australian Vintage, formerly known as McGuigan Simeon Wines, wrote down $175m in this first half year largely due to inventory write-downs. Weiterlesen

Februar 21, 2009
von Michael Brecht
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Charity Dinner in the Geelong wine region

I received an invitation today to join a fund-raising dinner in the Geelong region, a few kilometers west of Melbourne. On Friday 6 March there will be a charity dinner at Bellarine Estate. Weiterlesen

Februar 17, 2009
von Michael Brecht
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Fosters: restructure, breakup and sell-off to help shareholder value – but is this enough?

Foster’s management seems to understand the signs of the times. The Australian beer and wine giant has today announced to retain its wine business. More on this subject on our blog: Weiterlesen

Februar 14, 2009
von Michael Brecht
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Pinot Gris or Grigio – a real Shooting Star here in Australia and New Zealand

Pinot GRis or Grigio, the grape with its french and italian background moves strongly downunder. In 2003 a mere 329 hectares of Pinot Gris were planted in Australia representing 0.5% of all white grapes planted here. This number has changed substantially with 2,469 hectares (following 2008 Directory) planted as Pinot Gris – an increase of 650% since 2003, representing 3.4% of all white varieties planted in Australia. Weiterlesen