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My Hunter experience – Brett aus Sydney schreibt uns von seiner privaten Hunter Valley Winetour

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G’day Michael,

I thought that you might be interested in hearing a few details about my wine weekend in the Hunter Valley. It was a damned successful weekend I must say, I purchased way too much wine, became a member of the Ernest Hill club, and showed a few friends who had never been some of my regular haunts while checking out one or two new ones. Here are the wineries I thought worthwhile mentioning to you:

Arrowfield Winery im Hunter Valley

Arrowfield Winery im Hunter Valley

Ernest Hill: Perhaps I should have stopped right here… maybe its been too long between wine trips or…? I don’t know, at any rate I really enjoyed every wine presented here… and ended up easily filling a case for myself. Club prices are great (15-30% off), looking forward to taking advantage of this and the free „member“ antipasto plate with future tastings!

Keith Tulloch: mostly over priced nonsense. $50 Shiraz? Nice – but not that really nice. Semillon heading to the cellar for a few years. Great venue though, beautiful veranda and outlook plus table service, fantastic!

Audrey Wilkinson: ahh what a great venue for some great wine. I’ve been here a few times before, but this time it grabbed me and ended up buying quite a bit.

Tamburlane: Couldn’t go past the Late Harvest Riesling. So smooth. Must learn to say no to desert wines. Always something a little unique here, but perhaps not quite enough to justify a big spend when there is better on offer.

McGuigan: Why do I bother? Seriously.

Iron Gate: They were glad they let us hang around for a few minutes after they started closing up (we arrived at 4pm on the dot) – let me tell you it was not hard to get to the „12 bottles“ requirement for the old „+1 bottle“ deal. One of my Hunter Valley top 3. Some great, unique stuff. Glad they had the chocolate cake once again.

Tinklers: Mr. Tinkler came in from mowing the lawn for us for a post 4:30pm visit, very nice of him. Love Tinklers – great boutique atmosphere and great wine. Still have a few in the cellar though, so I didn’t go too nuts here – just some dessert wines to round out my selections already!

Mistletoe: Some great stuff here at this „Twilight tasting“ venue (handy to know when everywhere else is closing). Cab Merlot offering really great value for $20. Ended up being consumed the next evening over some Italian veal – very nice.

Anyway that’s a quick run down, cheers Brett.


Keith Tulloch Winemaker Hunter Valley

Keith Tulloch Winemaker Hunter Valley

Heute schreibt uns Brett von einem Wochenende im berühmten Hunter Valley, gerade einmal 2,5 Stunden von Sydney entfernt gelegen. Brett ist ein alter Bekannter aus Sydney, der gerne mit Freunden in Weingegenden fährt und dort die ‚Cellar Doors‘ aufsucht.

Zusammengefasst hat er ziemlich unterschiedliche Wineries gesehen und Weine probiert bei seinem Besuch vor wenigen Wochen: enttäuschend verlief sein Besuch bei Keith Tulloch, das trifft sich mit Michael’s Erfahrungen, zuletzt hatte er Keith als reichlich arroganten Wine Judge bei einem regional tasting in NSW getroffen.

Die Favoriten von Brett sind die kleineren, sehr persönlich geführten Weingüter im Hunter – hier macht es auch nichts aus, auch mal nach der offiziellen Schliesszeit einzutreffen, auch wenn der Eigentümer bereits auf dem Rasenmäher sitzt, um den Garten auf Vordermann zu bringen.

Es ist diese persönliche Betreuung, die in den vielen Boutique Wineries ihren Besuch so einzigartig werden lässt. Australian Boutique Wineries at their best – willkommen im Land der exklusiven Weine.

Michael Brecht

Autor: Michael Brecht

Ich bin in Deutschland geboren und habe neben dem deutschen einen australischen Pass. In meiner Freizeit teste ich gerne Weine aus der alten und neuen Welt und schreibe meine Erfahrungen hier auf.

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