Analysen zu exklusiven Weinen aus Australien – Weinregionen und Winzer

Wine advertisement on the radio – get Australian bargain hunters to your cellar door

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Yesterday afternoon, I experienced an amazing phenomenon as I visited one of the wineries in the Southern Highlands. I spent two hours at their cellar door and although Fridays are usually busier than most other weekdays, this one was special: every five minutes a new car arrived at the car park with new people rushing through the door asking whether the radio advertisement was true and some of the announced wines still available.

Radio ads lead us to the latest bargain at a cellar door

Radio ads lead us to the latest bargain at a cellar door

So this is what they mean when they talk on the radio about how ‚radio advertisement works‘ – I suspect everyone in Australia has heard the advertisement of Commercial Radio Australia for its own capability to make ads work (their latest slogan being: radio advertisement – economically sound).

I experienced the simple truth of this fact when 80% of the mostly new visitors to this winery claimed, they had heard the spot on the radio. Which spot I asked, as I currently listen to a Mozart CD in my car and therefore avoid commercial radio’s inundating commercial breaks this way. I realised that my selfish behaviour might have made me miss out on the hottest news in the Highlands this week and only pure luck brought me to the place where all the action was taking place!

The cellar door manager informed me that they announced the sale of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlots at $3.00 per bottle – vintages being their 2003 and 2004 ones. Here we are – the old Australian habit to love a bargain was happening right in front of my eyes. Highlights of these two hours were a Mercedes S-class from the Northern beaches in Sydney and various BMW four wheel drivers – all these guys hunting for the cases with $3.00 wines. Well, you can’t buy an S-class when you spend all your money on Penfolds Grange bottles, do you?

On the other hand, one customer told me: this is cheaper than buying your daily red at larger bottle shops such as Dan Murphy’s – and the wine is definitely better – this is for sure.


Australier lieben ein Schnaeppchen, so geschehen gestern nachmittag, als ich viele Schnaeppchenjaeger in eine Cellar Door hereinstuermen sah – und das an einer Cellar Door, die viele Kilometer ausserhalb der Kleinstaedte hier in den Southern Highlands liegt. Ein Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot ist dort fuer $3.00 die Flasche zu haben – im Dutzend – und die Jaeger stroemten nur so hinein. Grosser Unterschied zu den $3.00 Australiern in deutschen Supermaerkten ist, dass dieser Tropfen hier richtig gut schmeckt, kein grand cru classe – aber immerhin.

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Ich bin in Deutschland geboren und habe neben dem deutschen einen australischen Pass. In meiner Freizeit teste ich gerne Weine aus der alten und neuen Welt und schreibe meine Erfahrungen hier auf.

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